Can’t We All Just Get Along?

You’re stupid… you’re unpatriotic… you care more about “x” than “y”, you’re a f**kin’ a$$…

Is that what our parents and grandparents taught us? Is it?! Really?

Since when does not sharing the same opinion on how to reach the finish line mean a person is a totally uneducated idiot? When did we lose our ability to disagree with one another, yet respect each other enough to come to the table and discuss our differences and reach a conclusion that is satisfactory to all – you know… compromise?

This is not about political correctness. That term didn’t even exist when those of my generation were young. No, it’s about basic morals, values, and respect for others… even those who don’t share our beliefs on how issues should be resolved.

I’m shocked about what has become of our country over the last several years. I’m frightened by the venomous attacks that are coming from the highest level of our government, and – unfortunately – are being displayed by people each and every day when we don’t agree – people in my own social network included. I’m horrified by the constant degradation of our free press and law enforcement.

It’s dangerous… it’s unwarranted… it’s ripping us apart – neighbors, friends, families, and – yes – our country. We’re creating a Hatfields and McCoys situation for the modern digital era.

I’m not sure how we got here. Let’s not even start laying blame. That only makes it worse.

What we need is to just stop.

We need to take a deep breath, relax, and listen to one another – to come to the table with constructive ideas and hammer out our differences in a civilized way that produces results.

We need to elect politicians who don’t draw a line in the sand and take their ball home when things don’t go as planned – both sides are doing it, so don’t start a debate about it.

We need to stop attacking the press who are reporting the news – even when we don’t like what we hear.

We need to once – again – act like responsible adults.

I have my views – pretty damn strong views too. Those who know me well know where I stand on the issues, I don’t need, and don’t feel the need, to define them here. That’s not the point.

I do, however, sit in amazement at people who I consider “friends” who post things that call me unthinkable names (not personally, but through what they post) for having the views I have.

It’s time we all reflect on where we are heading and decide where we want to be.

It’s about more than a freakin’ wall… Everyone on both sides of the issue has clearly stated they believe we need increased border security. The fact is there is a difference in opinion on how to get across the finish line – how to breach the wall that has already been built and is dividing us as a nation!

If those in the debate – and those of us on the sideline – continue to hold an “all or nothing” mentality, then nobody wins…Think about it.