Two Days to Two-Factor

For those of us “older folks” who remember a time before computers and the internet, the start of this “new age” of technology was actually pretty easy – just use the same username and password for every website… all set!

Well, fairly quickly we realized (at least I hope we [all] realized… image of the scene from Space Balls in my mind) this wasn’t a good move!

So, what happened next?

For many (cough, cough… my brother, Tom), it meant little slips of paper scattered all over the house with usernames and passwords – some good, some not, always an adventure to find the correct login combination when needed. For others (like me, the smarter of Mickey’s Kids) it meant a spreadsheet containing all of my myriad combinations of access information.

But… still not good enough…

So, this weekend, thanks to the advice of my good friend Sean, I charted a course to the next phase of my cyber-security!

First project was creating a family account on LastPass (website), where my brother, sister, and I can store all of our login credentials, totally encrypted, with a fail-safe for our emergency contacts to access should we meet our ultimate demise.

Then, was the opportunity to take accounts not already set to multi-factor authentication and upgrade the security settings on those during the setup process for LastPass.

The result, I hope, is a secure way for my family to be able to create login credentials that are easily accessible to those who need them, while keeping the bad guys out. Multiple layers of protection with emergency redundancy… a solid approach to keeping data safe!

I can’t emphasize enough the need for people to use unique usernames/passwords and multi-factor authentication whenever possible on all types accounts – banking, social, etc. It’s the best defense against those who are continually attempting to steal our identities and money.

And… equally important… is to educate ourselves on the numerous ways in which crooks try to get us to compromise our identity and our data. They’re good… we need to be better.

So, the dreary weather may have kept me inside for much of this weekend, but it afforded me the opportunity to do a project I would have never undertaken on a bright and sunny day. #LifeIsGood