2,400 Miles Later

Mile 0 – That’s where I was on January 1, resetting my exercise mileage clock and heading out for a brisk bike ride along the James River in Lynchburg while most were still snoozing off their booze from the night before. I end the year this evening sitting in Pennsylvania, a place I am once again happy to call home. The exercise clock today sits at 2,361 miles, good miles traveled by bike and foot. What a ride it has been. Continue reading “2,400 Miles Later”

Going Home

When I left Pittsburgh to embark on life’s journey back in 1995, the PA license plate on my car stated proudly, “You’ve got a friend in Pennsylvania.” A truer statement has never been spoken. For me, though, it should read, “I’ve got family and lots of friends in Pennsylvania.” Continue reading “Going Home”

Film is Cheap

“Film is cheap” is a phrase my old college photography professor, Grant Dinsmore, used quite often throughout the multiple photography classes I had with him during my undergraduate years. His point was simple; chances of nailing the shot on the first try are slim, so take as many exposures as possible while you have the chance. Continue reading “Film is Cheap”