Film is Cheap

“Film is cheap” is a phrase my old college photography professor, Grant Dinsmore, used quite often throughout the multiple photography classes I had with him during my undergraduate years. His point was simple; chances of nailing the shot on the first try are slim, so take as many exposures as possible while you have the chance. Continue reading “Film is Cheap”

Summer Vacation 2014 – Midlife Crisis Edition!

Last week was awesome – easily the best vacation I have ever taken. Instead of hitting the beach, visiting some theme park, or touring one of the many normal “vacation destinations” that tend to be particularly overpriced and overcrowded, my brother, Tom, and I decided to do something completely different. We opted to spend a week pedaling our bikes 346 miles from Pittsburgh to Washington, D.C. Continue reading “Summer Vacation 2014 – Midlife Crisis Edition!”